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5 definitions by magoo

The best damn state out there
South Carolina whups mutha f****** above this post
by magoo June 07, 2003
388 331
The excited response to receiving some incredibly good news or useful information.

Originated by the Kenny Banya character from "Seinfeld" when Jerry gave him some funny material for his stand-up act.
VP #1: The 3rd quarter sales numbers are in. We had our best quarter ever!

VP #2: That's gold, jerry. Gold!
by magoo June 03, 2004
57 8
The act of pulling your pants down to expose your naked rear end, followed immediately by moving your bowels in the direction of unsuspecting victims.
Jesus Christ! That guy just shot a harvest moon out the window of that Jeep Cherokee!
by Magoo May 21, 2004
83 96
The act of burninating; the process of burnination.
And Trogdor smote the Kerrek and all was laid to burnination.
by magoo March 18, 2003
9 32
The A-10 close-support bomber is called an
aardvark because of its clumsy appearance. It's official nickname is the Thunderbolt, but everyone calls it aardvark.
There were some guys holed up with RPGs but we called in the aardvarks and that was it.
by magoo March 02, 2005
9 81