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to be excessivly ghetto. By description of, but not limited to, dress, speech, or manner.
If I ever saw korey dressed all pimped and ghettofied, I would not be able to contain my laughter.And his friends would probably pee on themselves.
by maegis June 16, 2004
A girl with huge boobs and a very small head which makes her body very unproportional.
i looked on a girls profile pictures and i saw a big boobed maggee and i showed all my friends and we laughed hysterically for about 5 minutes minimum
by Maegis June 16, 2004
The little voices in the song i did you wrong by mims(which the lyrics are hidden so we cant find them)
Me and Giselle listen to the song i did you wrong all the time and laugh when the munchkins start sayin i did you i did you wrong.
by Maegis June 16, 2004
A rapper who's lyrics maeghan and I can never ever find no matter how hard we look!
maeghan and I spend hours looking for the lyrics to mims songs but it was useless. I would have kept on looking but I was distracted by the sexy young ketchup walking by.
by maegis June 16, 2004

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