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Hailie Jade, Marshall Mathers, Kim Scott
Hailie Jade Mathers is the daughter of the famous rapstar Eminem aka Marshall Mathers. Her mother named Kimbery Anne Scott-Mathers. Shes born on christmasday 1995. Marshall loves her and does anything for her. Her mom have more troubles. After 2 months marriage, Kim and Marshall broke up. theres still a custody battle. Marshall remarried her for the sake of his kids
by madgirl July 24, 2006
Alaina Marie, Eminem, Marshall, Kim, Dawn, Hailie
Alaina Mathers is born as Alaina Marie Scott on May 3, 1993. She have a twinbrother Adam, poor Adam is handicapped, a younger sister Amy and a brother P.J. Marshall aka Eminem got full custody of her and so she lives with him, Hailie & Whitney. Her mother Dawn is the twinsister of Kim. Marshalls ex-wife. He adopted her on May 5, 2002. But it wasnt public yet. untill the cd Encore, in the track Mockingbird hes naming her. Alaina is like a big sister for Hailie.
by madgirl July 24, 2006
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