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5 definitions by maddizzletwentytwizzle

a girls ass or a juicy booty.
Whew look at the meathouse on that chick!
Look at the monster meathouse on that mamma!
by maddizzletwentytwizzle November 03, 2007
3 0
To slow poke around, to move slowly like a fat ass, or to drive slow on the freeway. ALso means to talk to someone.
Stop fat assin' around, I need to get home.

Man 1: *phone rings* Hi baby, im sitting here fat assin with Bruce, let me call you back.
Woman on phone: "Huh????"
by maddizzletwentytwizzle November 02, 2007
4 1
a extremely long and round turd, usually found in the shithouse.
Ewwwww, My sister left a saw log in the shitter.
by maddizzletwentytwizzle November 03, 2007
2 1
It means that your underwear and pants have recessed into the butt crack and it has formed a noticeable line in said clothing, viewable by all.
Dude 1: Damn dude, get that dog out the meathouse!
Dude 2: Well quit looking.
by maddizzletwentytwizzle November 03, 2007
3 2
what white people call underwear, and or boxers
Boy, did you shit your droiers just then?
by maddizzletwentytwizzle November 01, 2007
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