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Way to say damn, but it sound more pimp, ladies like it... trust ;)
Daym!!! Mack's booty is fucking HOT
by Mackenzie May 13, 2004
A girl whos a BIG whore and is a bitch on top of all a gang of that shit... shes been around and back...
Girl: *swallows* I love doing that
Guy: Damn the only reason I had you duck me off is because ur loose... pshh fucking sloot bag.
by Mackenzie May 13, 2004
A word used to describe sumthing funny, or when you are being scarcastic. Its usually used by fly girls, or townies and preps.
HA!! I just pushed that kid down the hill and he split his lip!!!

HAHA thats jokes!!
by Mackenzie May 13, 2004
The vagina of a fly bitch, is just the way me and my girls say it,
{a} Girl, is the rank smell comin from ur punari?
{b} Shit no!!! Im clean and tightttt
by Mackenzie May 13, 2004
A large group of middle school girls that stalk upperclassmen just to piss them off. Also known as grillers.
I turn a corner, there's a herb, I turn another corner, there's another herb...it's like HERBLAND!
by Mackenzie January 01, 2004
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