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Primary usage (literal): The literal meaning of the word scrotin (to scrote) is the act of grabbing ones nutsack, but without any nuts, just straight scrotum.
Secondary usage (most popular): see, hyphy, thizzlamic, gig, crunk (but only if you have to, I mean, c'mon, haven't you seen that "Sweet 16" when that bitch-ass white kid is saying "crunk"? Let it go, its time has passed for god's sake).
Terciary usage: see. scrape, fight, luchar
1. "Father Jennings what are you doing?"
"oh Timmy im just holding my scrotum!"
"weee let me scrote in the pew with you father!"

2. "gettin fuckin thizzlamic in this biatch we be skrate scrotin yadiddafeelme? any yall be finnna scrote right nzow? no? fuck all yall square ass tick ass marks." and "yeah you fine bitch, but can you srote?"

3. "dude, some nortenos just showed up outside!"
"why aint yall let us in?"
"oh shit they be finnna scrote!"
#synonyms: hyphy #thizzlamic #giggin' #crunk #antonyms: christianity
by macassi January 02, 2006
To grab ones scrotum, to get hyphy/dumb/stupid.
see scrotin for a more in depth definition
"aww shit yadiddabooboo they be finnna scrote with us!"
"aww yeuh boyee lets git stupid!"
"no i mean the nortenos!"
"oh shit meng!"
#synonyms: hyphy #thizzlamic #giggin' #crunk #antonyms: christianity
by macassi January 02, 2006
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