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4 definitions by mabus42

aka. midgets, dwarves, short people, nano-humanoids, etc...
aww shit, here comes verne troyer and his pocket peeps posse... we're fucked now!
by mabus42 July 20, 2011
Popcorn found on the floor of a movie theatre after the movie has ended. Eating mopcorn is a way to save yourself some money by avoiding the $17 buckets that they sell at the concession stand.
Mortimer took his smokin' hot date out to see a midnight screening of Donnie Darko at the dollar theatre and saved money by eating mopcorn so that he had enough to smuggle in four bottles of wild irish rose.
by mabus42 March 12, 2010
also "los dendejos"

slang term for the 24-hour greasy spoon otherwise known as denny's
"It's 3am and i need to sober up a bit... anyone wanna drive my sorry ass to los dendejos so i can leech free coffee refills for the next 6 hours?"
by mabus42 July 07, 2005
Midwest term for slow-moving person, be it on foot or behind the wheel of a car.
"Fuckin' pogues hoggin' up the two-lane back roads always makin' me late!"
by mabus42 November 20, 2006