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aka. midgets, dwarves, short people, nano-humanoids, etc...
aww shit, here comes verne troyer and his pocket peeps posse... we're fucked now!
#midgets #dwarves #dwarf #midget #short people #short person #little people #little person
by mabus42 July 20, 2011
Popcorn found on the floor of a movie theatre after the movie has ended. Eating mopcorn is a way to save yourself some money by avoiding the $17 buckets that they sell at the concession stand.
Mortimer took his smokin' hot date out to see a midnight screening of Donnie Darko at the dollar theatre and saved money by eating mopcorn so that he had enough to smuggle in four bottles of wild irish rose.
#popcorn #movie #theatre #theater #date #ghetto
by mabus42 March 12, 2010
also "los dendejos"

slang term for the 24-hour greasy spoon otherwise known as denny's
"It's 3am and i need to sober up a bit... anyone wanna drive my sorry ass to los dendejos so i can leech free coffee refills for the next 6 hours?"
by mabus42 July 07, 2005
Midwest term for slow-moving person, be it on foot or behind the wheel of a car.
"Fuckin' pogues hoggin' up the two-lane back roads always makin' me late!"
#pogue #slow #road #rage #auto
by mabus42 November 20, 2006
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