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marijuana that is wrapped around like a cigarette.
Don't smoke joints less than 30 percent of the THC actuall goes into your system. smoke bongs 80-90 percent of the thc reaches your system, thus maximizing optimum potency
by mAGIK bUS July 06, 2005
Word used to describe something that is Cool

Also can be used sarcastically to indicate to the other person of your apathy towards the current discussion topic
Person 1: With this device i will be able to rule th-!
Person 2:Awesome...
by mAGIK bUS June 25, 2005
"world wide jewish domination" MUAHHHAHAHAHAHA
Person 1:What's that wrist band for?
Person 2:Oh,it says WWJD, it stands for world wide jewish domination
Person 1:Cool
by mAGIK bUS June 25, 2005
(de-pot): to detoxicify someone who has high amounts of thc in their bodies, this is either done to pass any drug test or what happens in rehabilitation clinics and meetings.
"yo,homeslice mah granma is gettin' that flava straight out da oven wid da solid g's dawg, howsa bout we get to da hood get outa da grill, nawwuhmean? cuz tommorez i gottsa go get depot so mah granma aint gane catch me up da hezzie pezzie"

"tru dat tru dat"
by mAGIK bUS September 24, 2005
Man made comfort mechanism intended to make human kind fearful of a nonexistent dieties.

Divides humans into categories and subcategories (catholicism, protestant, shiite, sunni)
because of religion let's all worship god and forget all our troubles!
by mAGIK bUS February 17, 2005
These are legal entities created by the registration of appropriate incorporating documents with the supervising government office. These May be private (ownership sometimes held by specific individuals ,these are not traded on a public stock exchange) or public corporations (shares can be bought by everyday people). The Shareholders are protected from liability for faulty the actions of the corporation.
Corporations are what built up every single developped nation in the world. if you don't like them move to ethiopia.
by mAGIK bUS April 11, 2005
Apparently most big oil and car companies think that it is perfectly moral to use up the earths shrinking farmland to turn corn into gas to drive their big ass Hummers, SUVs and to fuel their smart bombs to vaporize people in the middle east. While that same farmland can be used to feed some of the 1.2 billion people living in absolute poverty.
socially conscious american-" ethanol cured my uncle's prostate cancer and won the war on terror"
by mAgik bUS September 15, 2006
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