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39 definitions by mAGIK bUS

These are legal entities created by the registration of appropriate incorporating documents with the supervising government office. These May be private (ownership sometimes held by specific individuals ,these are not traded on a public stock exchange) or public corporations (shares can be bought by everyday people). The Shareholders are protected from liability for faulty the actions of the corporation.
Corporations are what built up every single developped nation in the world. if you don't like them move to ethiopia.
by mAGIK bUS April 11, 2005
Schools that usually provide better education for it's students than most public schools. Admission requires money or scholarships or both; some schools require entrance examinations. Their curriculum is not mandated by the state.

rich white people like it because it's it's full of other rich white people and no minorities to scare them.
You attend private school
by mAGIK bUS April 17, 2005
One of the seven Emirates that make of the UAE. One of the fastest growing cities in the world along with shanghai and Bangalore. Even though many people believe that Dubai is changing the basis of the economy to a service based one, there is no denying the fact that the vast majority of it's prosperity comes from it's huge oil reserves. When the oil dries up so does all the new skyscrapers and other tacky construction projects which are all facades that cover up it's internal social problems including but not limited to growing labor problems and disputes, anti semetism, executing women for being raped by a men and an overall poor human rights record.
Some people want to compare the likes of dubai to great cities such as New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Paris. Dubai has some fancy high rises and man made islands shaped like trees while the other cities have heritage and history and have been contributing to the world for hundreds and even thousands of years.

When the Oil runs out the boom stops and the bust starts.
by mAgik bUS August 15, 2006
Another form of the word dank or something that is as good as it gets, the best
that car right by the gas pump is danish
by mAGIK bUS July 06, 2005