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1. The inability to gain or maintain an internet connection.
2. The inability to print, email, or get to the internet.
My computer had connectile dysfunction (CD) yesterday, so I couldn't check my email.
by m0 February 04, 2007
An emergency call box located on a college campus.
If you're being stalked at night, run to the nearest rape phone.
by m0 September 25, 2009
A college party at which girls get laid to pay for the cost of their books. See also, prostitution.
Let's go pick up some hot chicks at the book bang.
by m0 February 01, 2008
Short for KEROSENE, a flammable liquid fuel.
Let's pour some more kero on the campfire!
by m0 June 25, 2007
Jan (pronounced YAWN) The Pedestrian:

1. (noun) A fictitious character represented by shaping the hand in such a way that the fingers are curled sharply and the palm is slightly lower than the fingers.

2. (verb) To shape the hand in this way and rapidly slam the palm of the hand onto an object, with a thrusting motion.

3. JTP'D: (past participle of JTP)

Place of origin: Luzerne County, PA
I JTP'd my book, and everyone laughed hilariously.
by m0 November 04, 2007
shortened form of somebody.
I was talkin to sb yesterday.
by m0 April 19, 2008

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