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4 definitions by m.c

to cuss someone
to diss someone
oi blud do u want me 2 start gunnin u u little pussyole
by m.c June 03, 2005
67 21
a muffin packed out wit ganja
me: these muffins smell good mum!!!!
my mum: motherfucka u better not b cookin any motherfuckin ganja muffins motherfucka!!!!!!!!!
by m.c June 03, 2005
23 14
a cake made wiv sum ganja
see also ganja muffin
yo G pass us some of dat space cake i wanna get high as a kite
by m.c June 03, 2005
83 77
someone who sucks dick.
that ho over there is a shiner.
by M.C June 23, 2005
51 142