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* the alternative to the real thing
* basically jacking off while on the phone with someone (usually they're doing the same thing)
* good for kicking boredom
i totally got off havin phone sex with *** last night
by lynneh January 03, 2004
this one's simple: a man shaft is a penis. a cock. a dick. a ... man-shaft
His man shaft was so far up in her, her eyes bulged out.
by lynneh January 04, 2004
when someone is able to purchase or "get" something for you. Sometimes in referrance to the black market.

Referring to the novel "Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption" by Stephen King, 'Red' is an inmate who can get things to other inmates (for a price), like cigarettes, posters, drugs, etc.
My mom won't let me leave the house. Could you shawshank me some cigarettes?
by lynneh January 04, 2004

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