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When someone is asleep and in comes a sexually aroused individual that can't wait until the person wakes up to make their move. The sexual action with a sleeping person.
My girl wouldn't wake up to have sex with me last nite, so I just got some sleepycrotch instead.
by lv2ja2003 January 21, 2008
The scientific explanation for the rattling of house windows when a car with a system passes down the street. Can also happen from inside windows to outside of the car. Also, when someone has nerve to put a system on a piece of shit car, the banging sounds can create racket along with loose parts on the car.
I was watching tv in my friend's livingroom and suddenly the windows began to vibrate and I heard very loud bass. I said, "Charlene, what the hell is that noise?!" and she goes, "Don't worry sara, it's just bumptivity. It's normal in the ghetto." Boy was I relieved.
by lv2ja2003 January 23, 2008
when someone is asleep and unknowlingly performs oral sex on the perpetrator. Just as a sleeping baby sucks their bottle, will the victim sleeping suck away.
So this chick passed out on my lap and I got some sleepyhead.
by lv2ja2003 January 21, 2008

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