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When a person is so enthralled in their texting/ phone capabilities, they act as if they have smoked a pinch of chronic. Symptoms include, not responding to simple questions, not being able to walk, sleepy eyes, no care for the outside world, basically unable to perform any basic function that does not involve their phone. Sometimes they even start laughing for no apparent reason as if they are chronic high.
Hey Joe, want to go to the mall?" *no response or movement "Joe! come on man lets go!" *stares and laughs at phone "You just aren't the same when you are chronic texting"
by lukepatty317 November 23, 2010
Word to describe an extremely old/elderly professor. They usually lack contemporary teaching skills and do not understand the modern college environment. Often they were born in prehistoric times, when dinosaurs ruled the earth, hence the spelling.
"Damn professaur O'Bailey just doesn't understand my weekends are for honing my beer pong skills, not reading, writing, and rithmitic."
by lukepatty317 November 30, 2010

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