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cigaweed (spliff blud)
gimme a lit 2 bun dis zoot blud!
by luke December 05, 2003
Used to describe the vehicles piloted by desert bros. Usually large white trucks to begin with, they are then trasformed into the epitamy of excess (In the opposite direction of rice rockets) via the addition of enormous lift kits, huge tyres (usually baja claws see haha claws. Eveything chromable is chromed, and everything flamable is flamed (including window tinting) The headlights are often mounted in the front bumper to stay at the leagal height. The trucks tip easily, and don't off-road any better than they ever did.
This baja bug could romp the shit out of any brodozer in Glamis.
by Luke August 02, 2004
Originating from the comedy show Brass Eye, 'as a window' is used to describe a characteristic in an individual that is obvious and others can see-through that person's best efforts to hide it.
"You described Steve as dangerously gay.", "Yes, he's totally gay. Steve is as gay as a window."
by Luke July 11, 2004
The Name "Bo-Jangles" the actule pub was used in the great Australian movie "CHOPPER"
Chopper or Uncle Chop Chop, shot the fela point-blank in the head. He just stood there and coped it sweet!
by Luke January 14, 2005
1. An English sweet.
2. The only known fear common to all Daleks
Doctor: "Jelly Baby?"
by Luke August 07, 2003
Internet Wrestling Community
Scott Keith is the fattest, ugliest guy in the IWC
by Luke July 25, 2003
Set in the future, where robots humans and aliens live together.
Benders Most used words:
by Luke April 24, 2005
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