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25 definitions by luis

In Puerto Rico the word "perreo" is referred to the way reggaeton music is danced. It's one way we call this type of dance. Its can be danced in many ways the most used ones are face to face or the guy behind the girl.Like many other dances it can be danced close together or with some space that is often the girls decision.
"A mi me gusta el perreo" "Vamos a perriar"
by Luis April 19, 2004
Total chaos, Also Used frequently in the chicano "paisa" culture to describe an event that is spectacular.
I like to party & I like el "desmadre".
by Luis November 11, 2002
(n) anything good and/or to your liking.

(adj) a euphoric state of being

(v) performing an act that will invoke a euphoric state.
im r0x0r.
Damn yo, today's been roxor as fuck.
Let's get roxor.
by Luis March 25, 2004
some1 who is from da ES YAH ..YA KNOW!!
(el salvador for da retards who dnt know wut es mean)
"Damn look at that fine ass Guanaca girl"
by luis March 21, 2005
Best chicken in the world. Comes from Centro America
Luis Goes to Pollo Campero to eat the best chicken in the world
by Luis March 31, 2005
From Daniel Clowe's Ghostworld character Enid Coleslaw.

A disaffected nerdy-but-stylin' girl with a slightly retro fashion-sense. Black-framed glasses and short dark hair common. Never blonde.

Marcie from Peanuts and Velma from Scooby Doo can be considered precursors to the Enid archetype.
Jonny's completely in love with an Enid he saw at the Weakerthans concert.
by Luis June 21, 2004
A fine dry Japanese beer that is typically served with a plate of sushi and wasabi and a essert of chocolate clavored Pocky.
After a long day of work, David shared cold Asahi with his co-workers.
by Luis April 15, 2004