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25 definitions by luis

Hobbit a small fat pussy who follows people that make fun of him. Lives on top of a hill and loves poon jobs, can be found humping a car and filing law suits.
"Lad is a hobbit"
"i hear hobbits get pushed into chairs and start crying"
by Luis May 05, 2005
25 68
The Best, The Greatest, The One: Los Angeles, Killafornia.
Bitches, Dudes, Duddettes, Niggers, Niggetes, Putos, Putas: Hands down, heads up, this motherfuckin city's got it all.
Rep the Big SC from da original "213"
818, 323, ...like no other, funny how even numbers become famous.
by Luis March 15, 2005
26 82
a dance often used for hazing where a group of guys form a strait line and grab the erect cock of the guy in front of them. they then walk a in a circle.
i'm glad my frat doesnt make pledges elephant walk
by luis April 16, 2003
169 239
Someone who is gay. Originated in New York, due to that city's famous avenue, home of countless numbers of musical theatres and aspiring actors.
Personally, I think Larry goes Broadway.
by Luis November 18, 2004
21 210