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25 definitions by lucas_jwf

A nice hot cup of coffee with disgusting period blood instead of creamer.
Never say yes to a gross woman offering you redcoffee. It's like eating out a virgin covered in her own period covered in coffee.
by Lucas_JWF January 02, 2009
5 2
Fear of Barney the purple dinosaur.
This one time Barney was walking up to a kid to tell him "I love you" and he was running away screaming from him like he has Barneyphobia. It make sense since people are aware of a big fat purple dinosaur of a pedophile.
by Lucas_JWF February 16, 2009
3 1
A tangy mix of tomato juice, orange juice, lime juice, soda, and water.
Barkeep: "What'll it be today?"
Customer: "I'll have a Bloody Driver. Blend it well with some ice."
by Lucas_JWF January 11, 2009
2 0
A sweet concoction of soda, orange juice, and just a touch of grenadine.
Barkeep: "What'll be?"
Customer: "A Fire in the Sky. Stirred, and add ice."
by Lucas_JWF January 11, 2009
3 1
A dirty wind of farts. Lighting a match at it may cause serious fire disasters.
If there is ever a fart wind coming from somewhere gassy like a manure factory or Wario, DO NOT LIGHT A MATCH!
by Lucas_JWF January 11, 2009
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The fear of Toad from the Mario series.
No matter what Mario game Toad's in, he still won't play it due to his bufonophobia.
by Lucas_JWF February 03, 2009
3 3
A day where everybody gets bad luck. Only happens every Friday 13.
It's Friday 13 and you know what that means? It's bad luck! Happy Bad Luck Day!
by Lucas_JWF February 13, 2009
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