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when a guy is going down on a girl and she jerks her leg out and knocks him in the face causeing his nose to bleed. She then lies back and lets him contine to worship her after he is cleaned up
Tom: "yo, i noticed you were with that hot chick last night, did you fool around?"
Infuago : "yeeah she gave me a pimp master flex and my nose is killing, but damn is that some good pussy"
#irish warrior #cincinati bowtie #one night stand #cunnilingus #rasberry beret #rasberry surprise #rusty trombone
by loveshack99 February 21, 2007
when a guy pulls out and cums on a girls stomach and then she slaps him in the face with a fist full of his own jizz
Mike: "Yo, dude how was your night last night?"
Larry: "it was great until siobhan gave me an irish warrior"
#rusty trombone #jizz #cum #angry girlfriend #one night stand #cincinatti bowtie #hot lunch
by loveshack99 February 21, 2007
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