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21 definitions by louie

To take it up the ass!!!
You take it up the brown, no i don ya mum does
by Louie January 24, 2005
3 5
A person who lick the houses, known as a MAN who licks the houses
LOVE IT, whorehouse A MAN who licked the houses
by Louie September 28, 2003
1 4
some one who acts like louis
wow take that ur an urb garden
by louie September 28, 2003
1 6
being really bad at something
or doing something wrong
your hella weak at football
by louie March 08, 2005
12 23
another word for a house that has cockroaches, comes from the term roach motel
Louises lives at a motel LOVE IT
by louie September 28, 2003
9 26
imitation of the foulest of form.
aargh matey you will step away from my booze you shum bucket;for i will flog you unmercifully.
by louie February 05, 2005
12 31
a stupid ass pansy also a ignorant person
lib is a stupid pansy
by louie April 03, 2005
8 47