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Yorkie, a nickname given to a breed of dog called a Yorkshire Terrier.
She is a Yorkshire Terrier.
by lordpestilence January 15, 2005
A person or creature possessing unnatural or God-like power.
She was a force of nature.
by lordpestilence January 15, 2005
Thought by many (Morons) to be a 'cooler' way of spelling Vampire, this is not the case a 'Vampyre' is actually a mortal Vampire.
She was a Vampyre, a mortal Vampire.
by lordpestilence February 18, 2005
A mythical creature with the ability to fly. It is often portrayed as having onl one pair of limbs these are either it's hind legs or front legs, it is often shown with bird-like qualities such as feathered wings or a beak.
The Wyvern swooped down from the skies to attack.
by lordpestilence January 11, 2005
Short form of Warhammer Forty-Thousand. Often used as if it were a word by gamers.
I played WH40K all day.
by lordpestilence January 20, 2005
Also known as Dani Filth from the Brit Death/Black Metal band Cradle of Filth.
Born in Hertford, England 25th July 1973. Star sign Leo.
Front man for Cradle of Filth.
by lordpestilence January 18, 2005
To be banned. Is a term usually used on the internet particulary on forums.
He got bannzored for insulting the Admins.
by lordpestilence January 19, 2005

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