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Prounounced: |U-TAS or YoU-tOSS|

N. Ultimate TOOL of Society

A. Sheep.

B. One who conforms to society to a perfect T and then some. (singing, modeling, pornography, playboy, dancing, raving, dating, marriage, military service, etc)

C. An instrument used in order to propagate as well as spread propaganda for further propagation.

D. One who helps to make the world go round, but does nothing to improve its quality of life except for those it deems "worthy," usually other compatible sheep.

E. Referred to as exponentially cool, in, or hip by the mass population. Usually keep NTOSes around in order to adopt their originality and knowledge as their own.

F. One who has read the book(s) "The Game" by Neal Strauss, "The 48 Laws of Power" by Robert Greene, "The Art of Seduction" by RG and related books.

G. Plays games with society and everyone in it and thinks of it as necessary strategic defensive maneuvering.

H. One who thinks what Gandhi did is pointless and that violence or malevolance solves everything.

I. Doesn't understand the difference between vindictive maliciousness and unwarranted malevolance.

J. One who throws their dukes up just because the wind is blowing too hard or in the wrong direction.

K. Typically has anger, self-esteem and disciplinary issues.

L. Rebellious in a conformist sort of way(;
Meerkat: "I used to be a unique creature, but now I'm just a UTOS... FML"

Elizabeth: "It's okay, I did that for 7 years too but now I realized that being a utos was lame and changed."


Elizabeth: "Typical UTOS mentality, please shut up."


Elizabeth: "CHILL SMUTT! I SAID PLEASE!" (runs away screaming) "FIIIIREE!!!!"

"I fell in love with mornia over these past few years but shes such a utos, I became depressed. Then I realized I was a utos too and we can live happily ever after!!!"

"Utoses should all die. They are the reason why the world is going to shit... but we need them around so society doesn't crumble... FUCK!"

Sheep: "BAAAAAAA!"

Sage: "OooOooh look ma, a unicorn! It's amaaaaaZING!!!"

Mother: "No dear, that's just another sheep, don't be fooled."

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by lonewolf87 March 16, 2009
N. Not a Tool of Society

A. Same as NTOS

B. Not much can be said about these creatures for they remain mysteriously hidden from the world and the general public.

C. Typically non-religious but ubertastically and virtuously spiritual.

D. Usually a loner but can be known to have a small circle of trusted friends. No more than 5, and thats elaborated.

E. Known to hold careers such as astronauts, shaman, artists, underground musicians that never go mainstream for fear of being tainted, ninjas, judges, revolutionary leaders like Gandhi, etc.

F. Also known to wander the earth like a survivalist gypsy in order to live a completely free life devoid of earthbinding behaviors.

G. One who is always attempting to awaken themselves and awaken others in the process.

H. Sacred and endangered species.

I. Known to be slaughtered, killed, or tortured mercilessly until they commit suicide in the UTOSes hopes of becoming a NTOS/NATOS.

Boy: "Hey ma! Is that a NATOS/NTOS?

Mother: "No honey, that's just a UTOS in NTOS/NATOS disguise. You can identify one by it's habits and attire if you know one long enough, but beware UTOSes will suck the life from your veins like a vampire."

Boy: ); (cries)

Elizabeth: "I tried to sabotage myself to save my boyfriend from turmoil but it was too late. Turns out I changed into a NTOS/NATOS and he still became a UTOS...LFS" ):

"I knew a NTOS/NATOS once. Unfortunately a large group of UTOSes came together and murdered him in an attempt to gain more power... I guess they read it in a book or something."
#ntos #not a utos #natos #loner #ninja #spiritual #non-violent #awake
by LonEwoLf87 March 16, 2009
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