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An island on the south coast which is reclamed land, this was done a long time ago by dropping stones and rock and cement and there you have it portsmouth , I think its about 800 years old but your better off checking the history books to be accurate.
I was born there , we have the most famous and best sk8 park in the country , dont take my word for it ask the bmx and sk8 board magazines and they will tell you .

As for football what can i say apart from we done it before and we can do it again .
portsmouth is also home of the royal navy.
On the mainland there is a place called cosham where they have a brand new big hospital , which comes in handy , the qa has been rebuilt at a cost of £2.5 billion of tax payers money .
I think the best part is portsdown hill and the view point car park and the churchillian pub , the pub was named after the great man cos he use to drink in there when he was doing his millitary business , the view point car park at night is amazing with all the lights and that , there is always people there 364 days a year 24hrs a day .
pompey island sk8 park royal navy football
#pompey #an island #view pooint car park #sk8 park #hospital #football
by locks heath renegade master February 23, 2011
give me wood , prison slang , to give wood is to suck another mans cock and make it erecet.

usually something done to degrade a prisoner , its not gay either , its about power and belittlement .
to give wood , bellittlling , humiliating , suck cock , power,
#prison slang #give me wood #not gay #humiliating #prisoner #power
by locks heath renegade master January 16, 2011
job center plus bunch of wankers , puppets on strings, the department of work and pensions has decided to victimise people out of work and cant get work by making them sit in front of computer 6 hrs a day 5 days a week .
I cant wate to see the arseholes who work for local government unemployed as they are the real scrounger,

It makes me sick going in the job center and being interigated like some criminal just cos i am unemployed and finding it hard getting back to work .
job center new deal bunch of wankers puppets on strings .
victimising poor unemployed.
#job center bunch of wankers #puppets on strings #victimise people #interigating #hard getting back to work
by locks heath renegade master January 26, 2011
architect of crystal palace which was burnt down i think , the designer of winnards park in sarisbury green . also the name of a pub in hampshire where scummy people drink , pedophiles , drug dealers ,theives and low life .
wrongens , drinking together. sir joseph paxton
#sir joseph paxton #architect #pedophiles #drug dealers #low life #scummy people.
by locks heath renegade master November 23, 2010
a stereo type name for a person who sudduces young girls by plying them with drink and drugs and then having sex with them while they are half consious and making out he is some cool dood while people with common sense think he is a wanker .
low life alcoholic drug dealing cunt , mad guitar murphy .
#mad guitar murphy #sex #young girls #cool dood #wanker #.
by locks heath renegade master November 27, 2010
a theiving wrongen who steals from his nieve employers,

someone who pisses people off and will suffer the consequecences, a total prick .
collin the thief
#wrongen #steales #pisses peolpe off #consequences #total prick
by locks heath renegade master January 07, 2011
a very big close close family that all live together under one roof , hang out together and even marriage like between 1st cousins , inbred insestuos pikey types , dids in bricks .
gypos , pykeys , the ings, kakas , the waltons , family , together, under one roof
#close #together #pykey #dids #insestuos
by locks heath renegade master November 23, 2010
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