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Anglo-EEAAA-IAN Noun, derived from frenchy, brunch and paddington bear meaning 'to be frenchy'.
'brunchy ennit'
by Lloyd January 21, 2004
A hypothetical psychological construct with no substantial empirical support, which claims that memories can be stored outside of the brain, in locations distributed throughout the body. It is invoked by some therapists to explain physical symptoms in people whom the therapist assumes to have suffered from some trauma, usually sexual, in childhood. For example, a client with a history of stomach aches may be told that something traumatic happened to that part of the body, and recovered memory therapy is used to "recover" the memory. With suggestions and imagination, the client may come to believe that, for instance, someone rubbed their penis against their stomach when they were two years old. The fact that this is a prime example of false memory syndrome is denied by the therapist who usually believes he or she is helping retrieve real memories.

This is not to deny that sometimes, some kinds of touch can cue legitimate, real memories. However, to infer abuse from physical symptoms in this way is utterly invalid, as is the inference that conscious, recallable memories can be stored in muscle tissue.
"After a number of sessions of guided imagery in which the therapist asked questions about who might have been in her bedroom as a child, Karen pictured her father standing at the foot of her bed, and concluded that her chronic foot cramps must have come from him molesting her feet in the night."
by Lloyd August 15, 2005
M300 is an utterly careless individual aspiring to be a graphic artist. If he could find time to put more effort into his work, he just could be. His site, currently, is being redone (surprisingly).
I went to M300's site today.
by Lloyd February 24, 2005
mexicans that came here not legally
sam the mexican is a mexiconie
by lloyd October 14, 2004
He is a good graphics artist with a tendency to overglorify himself. Some works deserve it, some don't. But he isn't a god. He's good, but not a god.
He resides at N-Sane's forums, which he mods.
Bloodmatrix goes through about 1000 site designs before choosing a final one.
Bloodmatrix has a tendency to wet his hair at every sink he sees.
by Lloyd February 24, 2005
A shithole excuse for a shop run by sweep sweepers. Only two childern are allowed at any one time although they usually break the door down and raid the shop.
Person 1: yo bruv get us a drink from shaaban's
Person 2: fuck that id rather drink my own piss than buy a drink from there
by lloyd January 12, 2005

A slang term, an abbreviated form of caucasian.

In a similar vein to cracker, honkey etc.
That darn cork
by Lloyd June 16, 2004

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