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The name for a really big penis.
Courtney: Do you have a big musky?
Stuart: Yes
by llcoolc January 21, 2010
1) The name for a man of ambiguous sexuality who looks like an elf, or a creature that's just been frolicking in the woods: especially a poetry-reading bohemian type. It can be used to refer to a man who seems homosexual but is heterosexual.


2) A man of slight build with a large penis
1) Cindy: I would like to have sex with that bohemian man over there but I'm not sure whether he is straight.

Simon: I had sex with the woodland creature but he cried so he's straight.

Cindy: That does fit the profile of a woodland creature!


2) Cindy: How tall are you?

Simon: 160cm

Cindy: How big is your penis?

Simon: 8 inches

Cindy: You are such a woodland creature!
by llcoolc February 02, 2010
1) A term used to address an awkward faux pas related to a sexual encounter.

2) It can also indicate a faux pas made in terms of outward appearance.
Example 1:

Adam: So I teabagged Clare last night!
Sue: That's not appropriate for court!

Example 2:

Cindy: Daddy, why don't you keep your hair long?
Richard: That's not appropriate for court.
by llcoolc February 02, 2010

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