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The act of taking the fake, plastic fruit one finds in hotels, display homes, or Ikea, and using such in a dodgeball fashion. The best, and most aerodynamic decorative fruits are apples, which fly faster and hurt more. Games are compiled of three rounds, and one round ends after a player has been hit three times. It's a one on one game, partner battle apples is for the pros only.
Harry: Dude, why are you so bloody sweaty?
Ron: Oh, me and me mate Neville just finished a game of battle apples.
by littlebaz328 August 27, 2009
One who goes through guys like a chimp goes through bananas. A bitty chimp has no ill regard for anyone's feelings and will do whatever it takes to, in a metaphorical stand point, climb the man tree.
Jenny: That dumb slut is such a bitty chimp.
Missy: I know, all she does is fuck mad guys. Like, EW.
by littlebaz328 September 21, 2009

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