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a name for french fries that makes me laugh myself silly because you can't change the name of something cuz you don't like the country's political whatever.... oh wow. i still can't stop laughing. Should I ask my boyfriend for a freedom kiss or get a freedom manicure???!!!! oh crap, that's too funny. (you can't change words like that! i don't care if you're president!)
I was laughing so hard that I cried cuz I went to McDonald's and ordered freedom fries but they said they didn't know what i was talking about and I pretended to freak out at them and call them unpatriotic... like it freakin' matters. i just wanted to laugh about it some more.
by lisagirl April 08, 2003
1. stylish in a rich, white, abercrombie kind of way
2. a nickname for zack morris on saved by the bell
1. "He looked very preppy in his cargo pants and v-neck sweater."
2. "Hey, Preppy, your cell phone is absolutely huge!"
by lisagirl April 10, 2003
what Josh Briley says to Chase Lyday and Chris Sharrett on a regular basis. I'm pretty sure it's a decatur thing, so you wouldn't understand.
Hey, pimpin' ain't easy, fellas.
by lisagirl April 07, 2003
1. stupid, "gay"
2. homosexual
3. a word i got a lecture for inventing because minors around me began using it even though it was funny as heck and just a freakin' joke
"Getting a lecture for inventing the word faggio is totally faggio!" also commonly used in the phrase "that's faggio"
by lisagirl April 10, 2003
used to avoid offending others with a worse "b" word that means a person with a bad attitude who always wants their way because they think they're perfect when actually they're just a big biatch, which is where the word originates
"She was acting like a big 'ol bia and I wanted to slap the crap out of her."
by lisagirl April 11, 2003
a word used to avoid a worse "b" word that carries quite a negative connotation and means a person with a horrible attitude who wants their own way and thinks they're intitled to it cuz they're perfect, when actually they're just being a biatch, which is where "bia" orginated
"She's just acting like a big 'ol bia right now and i wanna slap the crap out of her."
by lisagirl April 11, 2003
1. a group that wrote that old song "knockin' the boots"
2. kasey houchin's nickname
1. I listened to H-town in high school.
2. What's up, H-town?
by lisagirl April 07, 2003

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