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4 definitions by liek_like

Short for "homosexual yay". When two males act like they like each other, but aren't in actuality, gay. They usually blush around each other, and apologize for no reason a lot.
The female version of Ho Yay is Les Yay.
Joe: H-Hi, Tom. *blush*
Tom: Um, what's up...Joe? *blush*
Guy 1: Look at those two guys. There's some Ho Yay goin' on between them.
by liek_like April 17, 2010
22 9
A common mispelling of 'liek'.
A: Like, this is cool.
B: You mean liek?
by liek_like February 04, 2010
3 1
To frolic/skip, but when someone asks you why you're skipping, you hide the fact you're extremely happy by using this word. This usually occurs when you are overexcited, and cannot contain yourself other than frolicking around.
Note: Root verb is pronounced as to rhyme with "frolic", but past-tense and present-tense is pronounced with a short "e". So it would be wal(eh)k.
A: What's up dude? Why are you prancing down the sidewalk?

B: To prance is not to walek. And that's just cause I got a new girlfriend.
by liek_like April 08, 2010
1 0
So Screw That. Used when something doesn't work, and it resembles "moving on".
A: We need an idea for our science project!
B: What about on elephants?
A: No, the other table is doing that. SST.
by liek_like March 24, 2010
2 11