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Another acronym for the police, used in the same way as 'gavvers', 'feds' etc
Oh look out, here come the spoilers. Let's whistle the Laurel & Hardy tune to annoy them
by lexy February 24, 2009
Apopular childrens TV show featuring a Teddy bear dressed like superman, also A PUB member who sings well and insists on saying random things. Kind and daft
"moooooooonnnns, booooobs..etc"
by LeXy December 29, 2004
He's Tracy Moore's twin brother. (See Tracy Moore) He's funny and loves to poke people for no apparent reason and say random things. He loves anime and Manga!
"James has lost it."
by Lexy February 19, 2004
1) saying the word beach only saying it like biatch.
2) calling someone a bitch or beach
1) hey lets all go to the be-ach
2) hey lets all go to the be-ach (walks over to heather)
by lexy November 24, 2004
That really sexy blond dude who's always getting in trouble. He's my bitch
Gavin did a strip for me last night, he's my bitch
by Lexy February 19, 2004
Sweet, Jive, cool, hip
Your punts are virrry toit
by Lexy October 21, 2003
1. Ultimately Useless Chairman if any kind of committee
2. Small Angry Dwarf on Speed.
3. Nicky's Spooning Partner
4. Ex-stoner who clam\ims to be able to roll a joint in under 7 seconds. I believe him.
Goddamn Nickle, Why didn't you get those mardifockin recquisitions from the SRC


Oh Jesus, who gave nickle the TV Bar with Guarana in it? look how fucking Hyper he is!!


Oh God, are Nicky and Nickle fucking AGAIN?
by Lexy October 21, 2003

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