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Lincoln Land Community College or LLCC (sometimes called Losers Last Chance College) is a community college located in Springfield, Illinois. Until recently it was looked down upon to attend there until people realized that it's not a bad school. Sure, it's cheap. But why pay $20,000 to take your general ed classes when you can spend $1,500? And maybe there's a wee bit of a drinking thing, but hey, it's college. They offer many different classes, the campus is amazing, and fairly large for a community college. Recently they gained notoriety in the WWI community with the recreation of a WWI-era trench dug on the LLCC campus by students and volunteers. The school features a diverse group of professors - one even hailing from England! With average class sizes of 17-20 (except for U.S Government/History) it's a very close learning environment. They have a computer lend program and have wi-fi on the campus. It's the perfect choice for the high school graduate that is not sure on a major or for an adult going to get a certificate.
I'm going to Lincoln Land next year and majoring in either Pre-Law or Political Science.
by leximagoo December 13, 2007
just another way for a guy to say jacking off.
Oh, hey I was just polishing excalibur.

How many times must you polish Excalibur? Dude you need to get laid.
by leximagoo December 13, 2007
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