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A missing link between apes and humans. Usually found at ski resorts with a snowboard attached to their leg.

Although they are slightly more cultured than the Snow- Magnon, they have limited common sense, poor vocabulary and and even worse sense of balance, especially when conditions are icy.

During powder conditions, the Powderificai (plural) are known to scrape all of the fresh snow off of the mountain, while giving their mating call that sounds like the words "Plenty of snow for everyone."
I was standing in the liftline at Killington and this Powderifacus took out the whole liftline like a bowling bowl taking out ten pins. Later on I saw this same Powderifacus dipping his dirty pinky in the salsa at the restaurant.
by Leo Cuban December 14, 2010
Multi-pointed metallic throwing weapon used by martial artists. Mainly used by Ninjitsu it is also used by practitioners of other styles. Small and discreet, can be carried in pocket. Can be laced with poison for quick killing.
This idiot broke into my house last night. After giving him a groin kick and a backfist he staggered off my front porch. I broke out the throwing star and gave him a going away present in his butt.
by leo cuban August 03, 2006
A person who has a obsessive compulsive need to find yellow cake uranium in foreign countries before invading them and stealing their oil.
I was watching CNN last night and this yellow cake kambic guy came on saying that there was only 5 tons of uranium in Iraq but no yellow cake was found.

I say, give him a twinkie and his yellow cake craving will be extinguished.
by leo cuban August 03, 2006
The code word for President George W. Bush by communists, wacked out liberals, femi-nazis, baby killers, kum-bye-ya appeasers, enviro-kooks and the like.

Because he is born into wealth (unlike John Kerry) he is considered king tut like in the American Empire.

Usually becomes such an obsession, users of phrase become compulsive to the point where they become terrorist supporters, quit bathing & socializing, and become CNN buzzword spouting automatons.
That boy king is really screwing up the country, Rrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Cheney, Darth vadar....Halliburton....Boy KING!!! Rrrrrr!!!!.......
by leo cuban July 26, 2006
A Pseudoname for the city of Bridgeport.

Coined by a Stamfordite by the name of Peter "Cellars" Davies to describe a Fairfield county city, that despite millions of dollars of state funding, can never elevate itself from a crime-ridden cesspool of humanity.

Currenty has the highest per capita number of crack addicts in the state, and a higher murder rate than that of Baghdad, Iraq.
I was looking to buy property in connecticut. I looked at blightport but a red flag immediately went up when I saw the listings for 2 br condos in crapport averaged $35,000.

by Leo Cuban September 08, 2007
A very recent foreign language created by Howard Dean. Although it has only been in existance for about two years, it has a fanatical following, mainly by communists, the far left wing of the Democratic party, and other assorted kooks.

It began as a form of the English language but recently morphed into it's own language. It is very unique among languages, in that it is only spoken when discussing politcs with a "right wing neoconrep."

It starts out in quiet conversational tone but rapidly progresses to animalike screeching and and yelling at the mere mention of triggerwords such as halliburton, Boy KING, Cheney, Oil, Global Warming, or 2000 Election.
You voted for Bush? Don't you know he is a neoconrep, BOY KING!!!! Rrrrrrrrrr!!!! I don't believe you!!!!! Grreaaaghghghg!!! Bush Bad!!!! Yeeaaaaagghgghghgh!!! Air america good!!!!....Rrrrrrrr!!!! Halliburton!!!! Grrrrr!!!This is the worse eoconomy since the great depression!!!!!! Yeaaagggghhhh!!!! Global Warming!!!!! Rrrrrr!!! Bush stole the election!!! Yeaaagghghghghghh!!! You racist! Deanish is my native language!!! Gggggrrrr!!!
by leo cuban July 26, 2006
A definition of anybody who doesn't agree with the extreme left-wing agenda
Anybody who voted for Boy-KING last november is a neoconrep.
by leo cuban July 24, 2006

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