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Bloody doodoo
After jaay whittington's case of horrible buttslaw had ended, the damage to his sphincter was irreversible. He now suffers from bloodoo on a regular basis.
by Legendary Films October 12, 2003
Fecal matter mixed with semen in the anus. Primarly used at scat parties. (aka: shemen)
Before arriving at his bi-weekly scat party, jaay mixed up a fresh batch of mudnut in his anus.
by Legendary Films September 28, 2003
Fecal matter "packed" in and around the anus preventing other matter from passing. There are various ways to remove a mudpack. The two most popular are as follows:
1. Melting the mudpack: If your mudpack is all dried up and crusty, simply use a lighter or a strike anywhere match to melt it away. Beware of the drip!!
2. Icepick & hammer: This is pretty self-explanatory. Simply chisel away the shitty goodness!

Surgeon General's Warning: When melting a serious mudpack, use caution because dingleberries are extremely flammable.
jaay woke up one day with such a serious mudpack that not even a strong laxative could cure.
by Legendary Films September 21, 2004
To spray vomit or blomit (bloody vomit)into the tube that you are felching someone with, therefore filling the anus with puke.
After jaay was done felching his 89 year old boyfriend, he had to go to the bathroom and drain the buttpuke from his rectum.
by Legendary Films September 21, 2004
After gorging on corn for about three days, a person will take a horrifying dump into a strainer. A "cornhusker" will take this strainer full of corn-blow and run steaming hot water over it, thus washing all the steaming doodoo away. All that's left is husks of corn, and the cornhusker will eat them.
After learning that Teresa was a professional cornhusker, she appeared even more digusting than usual.
by Legendary Films September 20, 2004
Cool new word we invented for a pussy.
Man, I could eat this chick's murph for days.
by Legendary Films September 20, 2004
A rachet; a chick who can be used at will to "Peter North" all over various parts of her body.

submitted by CL, aka Buttslaw!!
had to get it in here before somebody else beat us to it, dude.
Every Saturday night HCS is fill with rape bait.
by Legendary Films September 21, 2004
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