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A chick who dresses sluttier than the occasion calls for, thereby inviting aggressive male attention.
Holy shit, look at that rape bait that just walked in! She looks like she's 16 going on 25 and dressed like a Vegas showgirl.
by Dave What A Guy November 19, 2006
A person who is found in, placed in, or puts themselves in a situation where the likelihood of them becoming a victim of rape increases.
You'll be rape-bait if you go running in the park at night.

In jail you'll be rape-bait.

Look at that rape-bait over there.
by Zee-Zee-r November 20, 2008
Rape bait is any kind of super sparkily or glittery dress or blouse worn by girls with either a very short dress or skirt of any kind. The shiny aspect is like a shiny fish lure and instead of worm or squid for bait the girl wearing the outfit is the bait. Wearing heals (especially anything over 3.5") or hoop earnings makes the girl more susceptible just like adding bright colors and feathers to a fish lure make the bait more enticing.
Look at that rape bait across the street. I'm surpising she's made it this far coming all the way from that BU party.
by Sid Barrett September 19, 2010
A rachet; a chick who can be used at will to "Peter North" all over various parts of her body.

submitted by CL, aka Buttslaw!!
had to get it in here before somebody else beat us to it, dude.
Every Saturday night HCS is fill with rape bait.
by Legendary Films September 21, 2004
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