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An imaginary sport, such that one is not prepared for.
"It's time for tasteball"
"Oh crap, tasteball already?"
by Lee May 27, 2004
A very messy dick sucking
katy gave vey good slerpy pop
by Lee February 03, 2003
a word I once heard a german porn star call his lover.
"Yam suck on meine scheisse you fucking dirty kelpsy!"
by Lee September 18, 2002
See Towny. An extra stupid Towny, often lacking in the most basic human functions: Washing, grooming, communication. Often has several towny children.
Please wash your child and stop him staring at me you Hutty
by Lee February 06, 2004
To have a ton of people, to fit lots of people
The party was packed, there were madd headz there.
by Lee February 18, 2005
when you spread ur butt cheeks and close them on some1's nose and then fart causing their nose to rattle
john loves them turkey clubs he often tells me its the peak of his day
by lee November 16, 2004
being suprememly confuzed. greatly confused confuzed + puzzled becomes confuzzled
That woman just confuzzled me
by Lee June 22, 2004
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