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1. Okayz (Plural of Okay)
That's okayz. (That's okay)
by Leah May 16, 2005
*Could be an adjective or a noun*

1. The name of something that is "Awesome".

2. A synonym for "awesome"
1. My new boots are the awesomeez
2. That song is awesomeez.
by Leah March 06, 2005
Means cool. Came from Joey R. He just made it up!
Woa, that is a sadalio car!
by Leah August 01, 2004
The logic of me. For I am Leah. And I can't spell, therefore, it is Leeuh Lojik
The Leeuh Lojik is the best logic there is. So.. HA
by Leah October 03, 2003
A young kid, who has the intelligence or acts like an older person.
"That girl rocks! She is a total Minidroogie!"
"That Minidroogie and me share the same interests."
by Leah May 30, 2005
(Nadsat lingo from A Clockwork Orange)

V. To hear.
"I can slooshie her yelling!"
by Leah May 16, 2005
a bro who's also a boy bimbo (aka a himbo)

y'know - kinda pretty, kinda dumb, kinda bro-ish
That kid thinks he's a hot shit hipster pretty boy but underneath it all he's still a total bro.
by leah April 18, 2005
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