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Something that fat women use to get with guys out of their league.
Tom: Dude, why is that fat chick at the bar pretending to watch game 6 of the Pistons Lakers series.

Bill: Oh, she is fat, and needs an angle to attract men.

Tom: Gotcha
by LD December 15, 2004
Take an exceptionally good crap.
Where have you been?
-Riding the porcelain pony.
by LD June 11, 2004
A jug.

You understand?

Just a jug.

<TheJoker> Yo, pass me the CPD, I'm thirsty.
* LD hurls a jug at TheJoker
<TheJoker> Oh no, my face! I have seen the errors of my ways!
by LD December 15, 2004
Leader of the Liberal Democrat Party in the UK. A party arguably in with a real chance of harassing "the big 2".

Opposed the Iraq war.
Wants to abolish the Council Tax.
Wants to protect Civil Liberties in the UK.
I sure do hate Blair now, but i'll only vote Tory when hell freezes over. The Lib Dems are a good alternative.
by LD February 22, 2005
adjective: a distressed state of condition, primarily used to speak in a pejorative fashion.
1.that motherfucking son of a bitch
2.kill his motherfucking ass right now
3.this motherfucking tax cut aint worth a shit.
by ld February 02, 2004
A trio of three LD Ezz and Joey who go through life normally, although their normal can be classed as insanity sometimes.
LD: "Ready to kill Tails Ezz?"
Ezz: "Hang on, just gettin my fluffle launcher"
Joey: "Get me outta here!"
by LD July 07, 2004
any guy that has taken too many sterioids and lost his mind. Can be recognized by bad acne, nervous twitches, stuttering, violent hand gestures, enormous body mass and homosexuality
Damn dude Hill an Porter have gotten P'D out!

Check out that fool in front of the mirror, he's so P'D out!
by LD March 29, 2004

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