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A girl who is a hot alcoholic.
One half of dolabbit.
Person 1: Check out that hot girl!
Person 2: Oh that girl? She's a lady lush, she's in the same AA class as me.
Person 1: For real? Yo, hook it up.
by lazybitch November 23, 2010
a girl who smokes hella pot.

one half of dolabbit.
Person 1: Look at that girl? We call her Lady Ganja
Person 2: Hell yeah, that bitch can clear a bong and not cough like a champ.
by lazybitch November 23, 2010
Two bitches blaming everyone else but themselves.
Having a mixture of dolphin and rabbit teeth.
Person 1: Dude check out that bitch's teeth!
Person 2: Yeah...dolabbit teeth.

Person 1: Look at those bitches! They just jaywalked!
Person 2: Yeah, they're such dolabbits. They'll probably blame the drivers that will eventually hit them.
by lazybitch November 16, 2010
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