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Blue balls make you angry, upset, agitated and irritable.

After getting aroused for a while and then not getting off is irritating.

If a girl is known for giving guys blue balls she can be labelled IBS.
Mitch "Yo, why are you sitting with your legs so wide apart and your belt undone?"

Corey "That tease Brandi gave me Irritable Ball Syndrome again."

Mitch "IBS, sucks to be you."
by Lawrencetown April 11, 2013
Fear of crowd sourcing.
Miranda: I've donated to Zack, Tracey and Slim's projects but I'm scared to go on kickstarter for fear of spending more money.

Kelli: I'm backing thirteen project! I need a serious case of agorasourcephobia myself.
by lawrencetown September 01, 2011
Writer's block on the internet: a blog jam.
Clarissa was determined to keep her online diary going despite twins, a home reno and the holidays, but when she sat down to update her social status her brain cramped up. Complete blog jam.

Biff: My web site is in major need of new content but last night I couldn't think of a thing to add.

Tadd: Total blog jam eh?

Biff: TBJ all the way.
by lawrencetown May 24, 2011

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