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The worker that has everyone fooled, the fraud of the workstaff, appearing to be very hard worker when in fact doesn't really do anything
Dana : Tom was working so late last night, he send me a work email at 11:30pm.
Murphy: Dana, you're so naive, Tom's the office placebo ... he sent that from that club while dancing with the ladies.
by LastGreatNobody March 28, 2009
this is the office muppet; leaders throughout the organization will try and surround themselves with kermits, people they can influence, pull their strings, play them at times, have them do whatever and whenever they want. The great leaders will strategically have kermits throughout the company in different cross-functional groups so they can rally them, pull them to take complete control. Some kermits are true losers, born that way and will always be losers, others unfortunately find themselves in this role, and often don't realize it until it's too loate ... they were probably promoted into it, possibly given a title, and may even be well paid, or overpaid ...only to serve as a kermit. Saavy leaders will seek out office 7 irons in the company to serve as their future kermits.
Jackson: Did you hear what happend to Lars?
Murphy: No what's up?
Jackson: He's been recruited by Miller?
Murphy: Ooh? To do what?
Jackson: Well after hearing how Lars backed Millers ridiculous idea in the advertising meeting, I'm guessing he is the new office kermit.
by lastgreatnobody March 28, 2009
the sand wedge guy, if used correctly, only comes into play when someone else has messed something up, and the sad part is that the someone doesn't necessarily have to outrank the sandwedge, it could be someone inferior in the office heirarchy and still the sandwedge must come in and fix the shit cause he's the only one that can. The thing about the sand wedge is, he's ok with it, he knows his role and accepts it, becasue at some point earlier in his career he was given the big job, the lead position ... and he f'd it up.
Jackson: Dude, I can't believe how bad that went in there, how the hell are we going to recover.
Murphy: Sounds like a job for Peter.
Jackson: Peter, he had nothing to do with this mess?
Murphy: That's ok, he's the office sand wedge.
by lastgreatnobody March 28, 2009
Another technique used by office placebos, when in for a long presentation, the placebo early on, say in the first 5 minutes drop the initial hit-and-run question, which leads everyone (boss/presenter) to believe he's engaged ... this quick hit allows him to run, slip out, disengage for at least the next 30-45 minutes
Jackson : Boy Adam, I hope my hit-and-run question worked, I really need to slip out of the presentation ... I've got lunch plans with Sophi.
Murphy : Don't worry Jackson, I'm pretty sure it did... didn't you see how Miller took notice, he loves when someone from his team speaks up.
by lastgreatnobody March 28, 2009
it's good to be the office putter if you can get to that level, he's the guy that only comes out of the bag, that steps in once the project is 99% complete and the work is all done ... so he can step in for the easy tap in and be seen as the one to bring it home, finish the deal, get all the praise and credit
Jackson: Once again Miller plays the office putter and gets all the recognition.
Murphy: Yeah, this will probably get him his 3rd promotion in 2 years.
by lastgreatnobody March 28, 2009
this is the guy that only makes the call, the play, the decision when the answer is so near, so close, so obvious ... you can practically see the answer, writings on the wall.
Jackson: Really, are you sure you want to go with it now that even the mail boy can make the decision, you're such the office pitching wedge.
Murphy : Right on brother, right on.
by lastgreatnobody March 28, 2009
like any great shaman, the office shaman is the guy with the vision ...but that's all he has to offer..the vision. the end result of what he wants and so desires. 75% of the time, his vision is pure genious, the other 25% of the time it's a wreck, but for that batting avg, everyone respects him. The problem with the shaman, like I said is they offer no path, no solution on how to achieve their vision which creates angst among his followers. The shaman is the one who coined the office phrase "figure it out", from which the other office phrase "WTF" orginated from. The office placebo's ultimate goal is to become a shaman, but it will never happen, cause like I said the office placebo is a complete fraud, does nothing and certainly could not come up with a vision.
Jackson: Wow, that was unbelievable ... I'm so charged up and excited as well as completely dumbfounded at the same time.
Murphy: I know, everytime I listen to Stefan, the office shaman, I feel the same way. The man is genius, but how the hell are we going to reduce expenses by 40% next month without doing away with our bagel friday's that everyone lives for.
by lastgreatnobody March 28, 2009

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