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what the fuck you just say
boy 1: ya gurl a bitch
boy 2: excuse me
by lakeisha July 18, 2005
a girl or boy that being nasty basically sleeping around
so what the fuck you out here trixin
by lakeisha July 18, 2005
Bein extremely obsessed over somethin to the point where it gets annoyin
She was too fuckin pressed when da nigga she liked asked her out

"tiffany! quit bein so fuckin pressed cuz u got ur hair done!"

she was pressin on wut to wear for da party tat night
by Lakeisha April 30, 2003
fight me then
call me later
boy 1 i should beat ya ass
boy 2 so come holla at me
im out of here but holla at me
by lakeisha July 18, 2005
1.) really excited
2.) ready
1.) yo im cysed bout the party tonight
2.) aye i didnt study for the test but im still cysed
by Lakeisha April 18, 2003
To beat the shit out of someone
nigga 1: yo, did u see the fight today at lunch?
nigga 2: yeah son, she punished that gurls lil ass!
by Lakeisha April 27, 2003
i like what you saying or wearing
(girl 1)we gonna beat that bitch ass
(girl 2)im feelin that
(girl 1) you like my outfit
(girl 2)im feelin that
by lakeisha July 18, 2005

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