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a parent, usually female, who uses her children in a malicious manner against the other parent because they have nothing else.
Did you know Gina won't let her children see their Daddy?

Yea. Well, she has nothing else to use against him.

I know. What a child pimp
by ladybug09 December 05, 2013
a member of the Army National Guard who made friends with a lot of SF soldiers, but never had the heart, intelligence, will or ability to even attempt to be one.
Do you know that loser over at the flight facility?

You mean Hawley?

Yea, that obese, useless, annoying, cowardly little boy wearing an Army uniform is like putting lipstick on a pig.

Yea, what a Special Forces Wannabe
by ladybug09 November 13, 2013

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