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1. The male version of feminine intimate hygiene products invented by Benji.
2. A soap specially for use on your willy.
"Dude, I have knob cheese, I need to use some willy soap!"
#willy soap #willy #soap #l-unicorn #benji smith
by l-Unicorn August 26, 2008
The title of Benji's musical.
"Sob sob sob!" - Normal voice of the character.
"Sooooooooooob, soooooooooob, soooooooooob!" - Dramatic line from the musical.
#sob sob #sob #benji smith #musical #chocolate bear
by l-Unicorn August 26, 2008
What Lulu and Benji say to each other while being silly.
"You don't believe me, I will now proceed to sob sobs!"
#sob sob #sob #benji smith #l-unicorn #silly bears
by l-Unicorn August 26, 2008
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