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utterly delightful in every aspect; of or consisting of charm; a word quite often thought of as being in reference to the past, but there it shall no longer stay.
kevin: what's the weather like outside?
lindsay: rather charming, really. we should go take pictures, or conquest.
by l in dai sy April 05, 2009
a much more in'er'st'n way of saying the word interesting.
lindsay: how does my hair look today?
kevin: in'er'st'n
by l in dai sy March 21, 2009
a tripod that one attempts, or "tries," if you will, to fashion out of objects that are most certainly not a tripod; something that esque-s of a tripod, in the sense and notion that you place your camera upon it before dashing off with the ten-second timer, but that was not intended by its creater for such a use.
kevin: I don't have a tripod.
lindsay: nor do I, but here's a shopping cart!
trang: now we have a trypod!
by l in dai sy April 05, 2009
a word esque-ing of the past, but, regardless, a very organic word for one that appears attractive to the eye.
trang: he's so strapping.
kevin: go conquest him, trang.
by l in dai sy March 31, 2009
an entourage that, despite desperate planning attempts, presents itself and ends in only two people; a failed attempt at branching out.
lindsay: did you invite the entourage?
kevin: yes, but nobody can make it, so it'll just be an en-two-rage
by l in dai sy April 05, 2009
something having, holding, and showcasing the elements of amazingness; something incredible
kevin: woah, your hair looks so organic today!
lindsay: thanks!
by l in dai sy March 30, 2009
a person consisting of only three main topics of which they speak; a painfully boring homosapien who can only find three subjects to bring about in conversation
kevin: All she talks about is school, weight, and her boyfriend.
lindsay: I know! She's such a tricolon!
by l in dai sy March 21, 2009

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