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a stuck up rich town with nothing for teenagers to do.
"Hey you want to go to naperville"

"No way man, that place is full of anal grease!"
by Kyle February 29, 2004
A talentless, imbecilic and fat-necked hack who doesn't really seem to have anything better to do than slam on musicians who have more talent and respect than he'll ever have (Bruce Springsteen and U2, for example).
Henry, where are you? You really don't seem to be doing much anymore. Hack..
by Kyle February 27, 2005
A term used by Canadians meaning "to make fun of"
Dude, are you mad cuz I was beakin you, eh?
by kyle November 14, 2004
1: the act of "pihb"; a girl with pihbtential
"Man,look at that pihb"
"I'd pihb her"
by Kyle November 17, 2004
The perfect example that if you have enough money, you can LITERALLY get away with murder.
Ray Lewis pled 'No Contest' to the murder of those two men? That's funny, I thought innocent men pled 'Not Guilty'.
by Kyle September 07, 2004

1. Word used to describe extreme excellence; expressing extreme enjoyment of a person, place or thing.

E.g.- "Man, this party is definitely pöd." or "Damn, this band is really pöd."
2. Extreme sexual arousal.

E.g.- "Damn, after watching Showgirls, I can't believe how pöd I am."
by Kyle February 29, 2004
Like Portland, but bigger and with even worse weather. Overall, they both suck.
The Pacific Northwest blows.
by Kyle February 26, 2005

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