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scourge of Prometheus, toaster of marshmallows, eradicator of dead wood
fire is the scourge of Prometheus.
fire is used to toast marshmallows.
fire eradicates dead wood.
by kyle the ninja March 26, 2005
Something you say at a party that you have no intention of keeping, especially if you will probably never see the person again. Similar to a "little white lie."
"I promise I'll pull out in time"

"No, that's no a roofiecolada"
by kyle the ninja April 23, 2005
combination of homo and luat

variation of an Erik Estrada picture (look up "you're a homo" under yahoo.com - images)
Remember kids: Jon Nelson is a hormo. Frank Poncherello says so.
by kyle the ninja July 08, 2004
a street justice beating. when someone does something truly horrible and gets spanked.
in "suicide kings" Denis Leary's character mentions tattooing his drunk father with a bat. then he takes a toaster to the face of his wench-friend's abusive father-figure.
by kyle the ninja March 13, 2005
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