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Within the Counter-Strike gaming community, "1d" is used as both a noun and a verb to describe a head-shot kill while using the Desert Eagle with only one bullet fired at the enemy. It is considered a demonstration of skill in the game.
noun: "kx just got a 1d again."
verb: "willow was 1d'd."
#counter #strike #gaming #1d #deagle
by kx October 23, 2012
Spanish colombian word without any possible traduction in english which is used to refer at someone who is hatefully adorable or simply fucking hateful, depending on the level of gambaness of a person.
Gamba: That percanta is my friend

Normal person: Fucking percanta stole my girlfriend!
#gambaness #percanta #pirobo #gonorrea #pirorsobia.
by Kx April 17, 2012
uber l33t cr3w
none needed, you either know us or you dont deserve to
by KX August 18, 2003
A Person.
Dumb Bre
Sick Bre
Dat bre jaxed my wallet
by kX April 26, 2004
Do the Codge
da da da, da,da,da, da da da, da,da,da
by KX May 22, 2003
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