Italian for "Square"
Italian Guy: "Spaghetti, pizza, Gamba."
English Translator: "Spaghetti, pizza, Square."
by geometryHater June 19, 2011
a fatass that is very self-conscious about his/her fat and does not take a shirt off when swims
Look at all of those gambas over there surrounding one Twinkie.
by Andy Samberg November 27, 2008
A girl that has a nice body, but also had a terrible face.
It is named 'gamba' because you can eat a gamba(crustacean), but when you are eating you have to put away the head.
So you trow away the head and eat the nice part.
Cool guy: Holy shit, that girl is fking hot!

(They are seeing her back)
Another cool guy: You're damn right!

(Gamba is turning around)
Cool guy: WHATHE HELL!!!
Another cool guy: Look at that awfull face!

(They ran away and now are in therapy)
by i'll do you like a truck April 15, 2010
(gambas is the spanish word for prawn) - Name for a girl with a hot body but ugly face - taking off the head is much easier to digest.
Look at that chick over there with a smokin' bod! But she's definitely a gambas.
by jujuflower June 11, 2010

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