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An extremely delicious soda made by seven up. This soda is extremely difficult to find in most places. The soda is nectar of the gods. Formally called tahiti treat
That tahitian treat is so delicious, but I can't find it anywhere.
by kwhubby July 14, 2006
The acronyms for the electrical terms: Alternating Current and Direct Current. AC/DC adapters will convert AC current (typically household 120volts in the US) to typically a lower voltage in DC. An AC/DC adapter - converter will usually consist of a transformer, 2 or more diodes and often a capacitor. A famous band was named after this term, which was suggested by their sister Margaret after she read it on an electric sewing machine's label. The name of the band has strangely been interpreted as bisexual or Satanist at times.
The keyboard needs an AC DC adapter
by kwhubby July 04, 2005
(noun) A stupid person.
Spelled many different ways, this being the most found on google.
You are a yayhoo. Those yayhoos don't know anything
by kwhubby May 31, 2004

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