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Fruit drink spiked with sugar to practically the point of saturation. Fucking awesome drink that was phased out in the early 90's only to come back in certain areas since then under the name "Tahitian Treat". Unknown if the formula has changed drastically.

If you've got bottles of "C"-plus Fruit Frenzy, it'll definitely bring up memories of Tahiti Treat. I've wanted the real deal back for the last ten years though.
Fuck, I'm going to fly out east and drink Tahiti"an" Treat until I get diabetes.
by blind51de March 15, 2005
Nectar of the gods. If you know where to acquire some please contact Steve.
Dude if you had Tahiti Treat I would lick it off your body.
by Steve! February 12, 2003
Drew's favorite drink which i unfortunately was unable 2 purchase for him on my road trip since it was nowhere to be found.
Sorry, tahiti treat is no longer sold....ANYWHERE!!! Sorry Drew, I tried....
by Anonymous October 31, 2003
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