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Rocker, Stoner, F-dude or F-chick type.

Ok, Come on guys we all know the "Germanic Mercenary Fighters" definition but this is URBAN-DICTIONARY not Websters history class! If you don't know the Urban Meaning then leave it to the professionals.

This term was widely used during the 80s to denote a white-trash stoners or rockers and yes most of them did have dime-bags, mullets and AC-DC Tee-Shirts!

They typically listened to AC-DC, Van Halen, Bon Jovi and Early Metalica.
Dude! did you see all the hessians in the park playing Hackysack?

I saw a hessian with the sweetest Knee-High Moccasins. I need to get a pair of those babies.
by kuernodechivo January 20, 2010
The early forms of a style now known as "Goth". During the 80s when styles from bands like The Cure, The Smiths and Virgin Prunes was working it's way into the maturing New Wave scene.

Similar but not quite the same thing as Necromancy.
Judging by the way that chick is dressed with all the black and pale skin I would say she is Death Romantic.

Yeah I think you're right. Between the black fish-net stockings and the eyeliner her boy friend is wearing, I would say they are both Deathromantics.
by kuernodechivo January 22, 2010
The female version or a girlfriend of an F-Dude. Rocker or Stoner.

Probably has a female mullet and dressed like Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Screaming "I love Rock and Roll"!
See that F-Chick over there? She's totally wasted.
by kuernodechivo January 20, 2010

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